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5 DAY stoke pass.jpg


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Your pass to one week of Summer Surf Bliss. It's our best value and our most summer-intense fun way to learn to surf. For adults or for children. Monday, through Friday from 9am to 1pm. No silly beach games, just pure surf time in the water. Complete with ocean safety, technique, drills and wave time. You'll learn to ride a wave on your very first day!

Camp Activities:  
SURF SAFETY: Learn how to enter and exit the surf, and ride safely, with introduction to the etiquette of surfing to avoid accidents. 
OCEAN SAFETY: Learn the different types of ocean and surf currents and how to safely avoid and/or maneuver through them.
LAND INSTRUCTION: Learn the "pop up" where students will be taught how to jump correctly from a prone position to a proper surfing stance. 
OCEAN SURF INSTRUCTION: Professional and master surf instructors will be in the water assisting students in the correct way to catch and ride waves. 
Surf2Live provides the finest surfing lessons, your child will surf as much as they want during their weekly camp, we teach them to surf, not play beach games. Our school is owned by parents, we know what your child can do and will allow them to exceed in this great sport the right way, the safe way, the Surf2Live way. 
Parents are not only welcome to stay and see the kids surf but we love when the parents take part and learn with them in our adult surfing camp.

Price listed is per adult or child. Does not include the $15 per person beach access which is imposed by the City of Long Beach for all day visitors.

We have a 24 hour notice refund policy on all cancellations.  No refunds without written notice.

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