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At SURF2LIVE you know you're in good hands as we are certified by the National Surf Schools & Instructors Association (NSSIA), we're fully insured and have been awarded all requisite CPR certificates. SURF2LIVE is NSSIA Accredited School, image, in
Long Beach NY. 

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Located in Long Beach NY, All SURF2LIVE instructors have extensive water knowledge, expansive teaching experience and hold current CPR and First-Aid certificates.

Image of Elliot Zuckerman, Surf2Live in Long Beach, NY.

Image of Elliot Zuckerman, Surf2Live in Long Beach, NY.

ELLIOT ZUCKERMAN, Certified Master Surf Instructor and
Certified Surf Coach.

To Elliot, surfing isn't just a sport or a hobby, its an art, and an art that Elliot is passionate about. As a professional surfer, Elliot Zuckerman has been surfing for over 45 years, and has been teaching all levels of surfing skills for the past 35 years. He is a patient, conscientious, knowledgeable and very capable instructor.

By far the best on the Northeast, Elliot is renowned for his teaching technique, infectious wit and charm, not to mention his ability to get beginners surfing on their first day of lessons. Not only does he have years of experience, but Elliot is also an NSSIA certified master instructor as well as a certifier surfing coach, holds certificates in CPR and as a life safety director, has participated in world pro surfing tours and has held memberships with the East Coast Surfing Association.

Elliot Zuckerman, Master Surfing Instructor travels all over the world to teach surfing. He has also helped develop special techniques to the benefit of learning and physically disabled individuals worldwide. If you want the best, ask for Elliot.





Pross will get you catching a wave in no time!

He is synonymous with energy and enthusiasm. He may seem a bit quiet on the sand but in the water he comes alive!!! He'll get you to stand, hit the lip and make great turns.

Whether its snowing, raining, hailing or a bright and clear, sunny day, youre sure to find Pross in the water -- either working on his own formidable surfing skills or encouraging a student. When not teaching or surfing he is one of the best teachers at LBHS. 

In his downtime, he's fighting off women everywhere. He's gorgeous and guess what ladies...  he's single!! :)



Joey has been surfing for 25 years and instructing students with SURF2LIVE for the past five. His specialty is working with children and young adults, mostly due to his incredible patience, tenacity and well honed skills.

You're in very good hands when you learn how to surf under Joey's tutelage, and you'll have loads of fun, too.

Mareva ripping it up with Surf2Live

Mareva ripping it up with Surf2Live

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Mareva is our French pride. We are so honored to have her as an instructor with us three months of the year. She has been with SURF2LIVE for over eight years and is by far one of the finest instructors in the country. We know this because she was hand-taught by Elliot. Her surfing and her teaching skills are seamless and second to no one!!! Mareva speaks French fluently and has been overheard teaching French to our surf students. If you want to learn to surf with effortless style and grace, request Mareva.





SURF2LIVE is also happy to welcome Jenny to our family. She came to us many years ago to learn how to surf. She did so well with our lessons, that she started going out on her own, honing her skills and ripping. She may be young but she understands the ocean and surfs like a seasoned surf pro.




Stephanie is very much the support system behind this enterprise. An organizational genius and management expert, she runs the business with flair. Quality, safety and providing a great time are her priorities.

Whether it be a surfing lesson, a private party for 200, or a large fundraising event, Stephanie excels in making things happen smoothly, efficiently, on budget and incorporating a great deal of fun.

Stephanie will turn your surfing dreams into reality.


Kate is one of our senior instructors. She has been working with us for the past two years but has been a part of the Surf2Live family for many years. She has been surfing with Elliot since she was nine years old and now she is one of our surf instructors. She is currently attending school in New York and is studying to be a physical therapist. She works with all ages and bring s burst of energy and fun to every lesson. You will always know who Kate is.. just look for one of her zany hats and colorful zinc!!use of her hat and colorful zinc!






Kelli studies phys ed and health at the University of Rhode Island. Working with children and getting them active or watching them achieve new skills and goals is what her life is centered around. Kelli grew up in the water and has always loved the ocean, so she picked up surfing easily and has the skills to pass that knowledge on to others. Kelli has been able to work with many surf organizations over the years including helping people with disabilities learn how to surf and experience the freedom of surfing. 

Kelli is CPR, AED, and First Aid certified by American Red Cross.


McKayla learned to surf a long time ago with Elliot and Surf2Live. McKayla thinks she is lucky to work with Surf2Live. And we think we are the lucky ones to have her sharing her joy and passion with the new Surf2Live students! She loves to work with all children and adults, too. McKayla may look young but she is a seasoned surf and snowboard instructor.








She also learned from Elliot as a camper at age 3 and now one of our team, she spends the summer surfing and working at Surf2live and the winters in Vermont honing  her snow boarding skills.


Max Esformes

Max grew up as a young surfer in Long Beach, NY. He has 8 years of surf instructing experience and 16 years of surfing experience. Max took his very first surf lesson with Elliot Zuckerman and continued to take several private lessons with him to improve his surfing. He now goes to school upstate New York at the Crane School of Music for a double major in Music Education and Composition. Max is also a certified life guard with training in cpr and first aid. He is also a dual citizen of the USA and France and is fluent in both English and French.