For Surf2Live LB Long Beach, NY Surf School, please use 1 Pacific Blvd, Long Beach, NY 11561 for Map Quest or Google Maps.


From NYC take the LIRR to Long Beach. When you arrive in Long Beach exit the train station and to your right is the bus station. Take the East End Loop to Shore Road and Pacific Blvd. 

By car from all points West: 

Go over the Atlantic Beach Bridge, take Beech Street all the way to the end going East. On Roosevelt Blvd make a right and go to the light. At Broadway make a left, go one block to Pacific Blvd. Make a right and find parking. The entrance to the beach is on Shore Road and Pacific Blvd.

By car from all points East:

From the island take the Meadowbrook Pkwy (exit 22) going East to Exit M10, Loop Parkway to the end. Stay on the right and make a right turn onto Lido Blvd. Continue to Pacific Blvd, make a left and go straight until you reach the beach entrance at Shore Road; find parking. 

Surf2Live LB Long Beach, NY:


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